Dining at The Green House® Residences

Warm & Comforting Environment

The design for each Green House is warm, smart and green – warm because of the warm and caring relationships in the home; smart because of the technology and design that support evidence-based care; and green because the homes are a place where people live, grow and thrive.

In the Green House we create a dementia-friendly environment by using memory aids like a large clock with large letters to remind resident about mealtime. With our large dining atmosphere and consistency with furniture placement, Green House Elders know what to expect at every dining experience. Classical or soothing music plays softly in the background for a calming effect. This helps Elders avoid over-stimulation that can be caused by television, excessive noise or too many people. Table decorations are also kept at a minimum to avoid unnecessary distractions. However, providing contrast between food, the plate, and placement of tablecloth is important because it can help residents identify where their food is on their plate. A Boston University study proved that older adults with Alzheimer’s consumed 25% more food on red plates verses white plates. Further study showed that 60% of the residents showed an improvement with their meal intake while 87% presented with brightened affect and increased socialization during meals.

Studies have also shown that enticing aromas can have a positive effect on Elders living with dementia by alleviating stress and promoting relaxation. At our Green Houses, you’ll always smell a freshly made breakfast or warm cookies being made in the kitchen.



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