Are the apartments furnished, or can I bring my own furniture?

Are the apartments at Bartram Lakes furnished?

Bartram Lakes apartments are laid out in an open floor plan to provide maximum comfort and safety to our residents. Residents use their own furnishings to create an atmosphere that is most familiar and comfortable for them. Kitchenettes include basic appliances such as a microwave.

New residents will want to visit Bartram Lakes a few times as they prepare to move in. This will help to visualize what furnishings will work best in the available space. Staff can make recommendations as to moving companies for the actual moving in process and maintenance staff are available to help with connecting electronics, and hanging pictures and curtains.

Visit the living space before you plan

Before sitting down to create your moving plan, visit our facility a few times. This will help you to visualize how furnishings and personal belongings can fit into the space.

Our apartments will be smaller than what you are used to so, you will want to think through carefully which larger pieces are essential. Take careful measurements of the apartment and the furnishings you will want to bring.

Then, think about how your personal belongings will look and fit into the available space. Look for accessible doorways and elevators that could help make moving easier on that move-in day.

What to bring

Once you have downsized and thought through what are the essential items that make you feel comfortable and at home, think through which of the larger pieces will be needed. This might be the opportunity to purchase a new bed that will better suit your needs or replace that large overstuffed sofa.

You will want to bring small items that will make your assisted living space feel more personalized. Small paintings, wall art, and family photos can help to create a more familiar home-like atmosphere. Lighting fixtures such as bedside lamps or electronics such as a small television are also good to bring.

What not to bring

Every assisted living facility looks to keep its residents safe and healthy. Bulky furniture, area rugs, and other items that can be trip hazards should not move in with you. This includes oversized china cabinets or wall shelving.

Glass top tables, chairs on wheels, large amounts of seasonal items, jewelry that is rarely worn or any furniture in need of repair should be donated to others.

Tips for moving

Once you have visualized and planned out which items will move into your new space, it’s time for move-in day.

Residents can have recommended moving companies or family members and friends help them move in. Bartram Lake staff can make recommendations for moving companies to help with the actual moving in process and maintenance staff can be made available that day to help with connecting electronics, and hanging pictures and curtains.

Where will my possessions go when I move into an assisted living facility?

Residents will want to downsize before moving their personal items into their apartment. This is an opportunity to leave legacy items to family members, perhaps create memory boxes for them of pictures and meaningful items from across the years.

This is also an opportunity to think about impacting your local community. What donations could benefit a needy family? What other impact could you have?

With careful planning, moving into an assisted living facility does not have to be overwhelming but can be an opportunity for a new start, a clean slate.

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