About Us

At Brooks Rehabilitation, we know that seniors have unique healthcare needs.

Whether it is gaining physical strength and coordination, increasing mental stimulation or receiving emotional and social support, Brooks is committed to furthering our services to transform the lives of seniors in our community. With Brooks Rehabilitation at Bartram Park, we have created a place where seniors can receive the customized care they need while living life to its fullest.

Bartram Lakes (License# AL12426) offers Assisted Living and Memory Care to individuals in need of a safe and engaging environment where they have the autonomy to make their own choices, get the assistance they need with privacy and respect, and enjoy meaningful activities.

When you choose Bartram Lakes you choose to be a part of a system of care - one that has been trusted for over 35 years to offer some of the most personalized, innovative and evidence-based care available. The Brooks Rehabilitation system also includes Inpatient RehabilitationSkilled NursingHome HealthOutpatient Rehabilitation, a Clinical Research Center and several community programs (Adaptive Sports and Recreation, Aphasia Center, Brain Injury Clubhouse, Neuro Recovery Centers).

Bartram Lakes is part of a campus that also includes Bartram Crossing – a unique facility that offers short-term rehabilitation and aging services. These different services work together to create a strong sense of community through events, activities, and fellowship.

At Brooks Rehabilitation, we take pride in offering care and services at a level of quality that consistently exceeds industry standards. We encourage you to explore our website to get a glimpse of how to live life to its fullest!



  • Tom Allen

    Tom Allen was so impressed by the care he received at Brooks that he had to find a way to give back.  He started volunteering and is now a full-time member of the hospital admissions team. read more » 

  • Barbara

    Barbara believes in taking full advantage of all Brooks has to offer.  She participates in the Brooks Stroke Wellness program, Brooks book club, adaptive sports and volunteers at the Clinical Research Center. read more » 

  • Garrett Putnam Brooks Rehabilitation

    Garrett Putnam’s life drastically changed on the morning of February 19, 2013. He was hit by a drunk driver, which broke his C5-6 vertebrae and sent his car flipping through the air. No one could have imagined that he would have as big an impact on our staff as they had on him. Read More »

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